January 9th, 2007

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Aurora Awards: Nominations are OPEN!

Nominations are officially OPEN! (after four added days of hair pulling and cursing in luxan)

We apologize for the tardiness of the ballots opening, but a certain someone (Kaz) tried to do some things on her own without asking for help from those that are more knowledgeable in PHP and databases.

We've decided to push all dates back four days so that it doesn't cut into nominating time. So double check the dates if you've written them down.

With that please give scorpy808 and halcyon_shift a big honkin’ round of applause and add to their shrines of awesomeness for the much appreciated assistance with the new database and the scripting for the nomination/voting.

We’re considering giving them our first born children.

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Now here’s some information that you’ll need for certain categories NOT listed on the nomination ballots. With these particular categories, you will have to email your nominations to them or visit their sites and check out their method of accepting nominations. Same rules apply otherwise.

The proper format, just for ease of quick reference and less confusion:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Author Email: (if available)
Story Title:
Story URL:

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We hope everyone has fun with the nominating, choose wisely, and GOOD LUCK!

Kazbaby and BlueBanikBaby

ETA: Updated links for SACCers and astrogirl2.