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Bouncing Emails

To the sponsors:

My email is bouncing back all the emails I've sent out tonight for nominations. I'm too sleepy to redo them all so I'll do it in the morning from my other email account.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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Aurora Awards: Nominations are OPEN!

Nominations are officially OPEN! (after four added days of hair pulling and cursing in luxan)

We apologize for the tardiness of the ballots opening, but a certain someone (Kaz) tried to do some things on her own without asking for help from those that are more knowledgeable in PHP and databases.

We've decided to push all dates back four days so that it doesn't cut into nominating time. So double check the dates if you've written them down.

With that please give scorpy808 and halcyon_shift a big honkin’ round of applause and add to their shrines of awesomeness for the much appreciated assistance with the new database and the scripting for the nomination/voting.

We’re considering giving them our first born children.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now here’s some information that you’ll need for certain categories NOT listed on the nomination ballots. With these particular categories, you will have to email your nominations to them or visit their sites and check out their method of accepting nominations. Same rules apply otherwise.

The proper format, just for ease of quick reference and less confusion:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Author Email: (if available)
Story Title:
Story URL:

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We hope everyone has fun with the nominating, choose wisely, and GOOD LUCK!

Kazbaby and BlueBanikBaby

ETA: Updated links for SACCers and astrogirl2.
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Updated again - removed some out-dated and irrelevant questions from the FAQ, and changed the dates in the rules to match those on THE WEBSITE.

Yes, it's true, ladies and gentlemen - we finally have an Auroras Website!!!

Please please, click and tell us what you think, and make sure to CHANGE YOUR LINKS!! even if you have a link to the old Sparkys website, because sadly we did not get the domain like we thought we could - the frelling yahoo idiots website domain owners kept us (me, Kaz, AND Jeff) hanging too long. [insert long vicious rant about the bastards at yahoo here]

Thank you all for your patience, and please make sure to check out the rules, FAQ and MOST ESPECIALLY the dates - we've pushed everything in the schedule back a bit, to let people get a good look around before we jump into nominating.

Again, thanks for all your patience and support!
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Another Announcment! An Ampersand Announcement! Ah, Alliteration!

Sorry for the spamming, but with a com like this I thought it best, and anyway, this news is rather important.

We have another New Category! And a New Sponsor! astrogirl2 has stepped up to "adopt" Best Ampersand

Naturally, this means I've added the "What the heck is ampersand?" question to the FAQ, and done a little bit of tweaking to the rules - Ampersand being an entirely new category like Crackfic/Badfic, its nominations are open without time constraints. (I also prettied up the formatting).

Thanks all for letting me blather!
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We have a New Category! thehallway just offered to sponsor Best Filler - so it is no longer an Orphan but a category in its own right! That ups the total number of noms and votes to 84! :o

Just before that, I did another update - very minor tweaks to the rules - just clarifications of wordings, really - and two new questions for the FAQ!

"Can I nominate a crossover fic for an award even if it's not for the crossover category?" and "I have an idea for a category, but I really can't sponsor – will you guys include it anyway?"

Also, I've added a list of "Orphaned Categories" to the Categories list - these are categories that will NOT be included unless they get a sponsor. They currently consist of: Best Holiday Fic and Best Ampersand/Friendship Fic
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Anouncement: Updates to Sponsors, Rules, and FAQ

Hey guys - as the subject line says, I've been busy adding all the updates to everything.

As sponsors, please welcome:
chazjazz, who'll be taking on Best Comedy and Best Future Fic
lil_banik_slave, who'll be taking on Best Romance: Scorpius/Braca and Best Characterization: Braca
BetanSurvey, who wil be taking on Best Crossover

Also, lady_callie has agreed to take on Best Smut as well as Best Drama

Finally, The Society Against Cruelty to Crichton is returning as a sponsor this year, but have given up the categories they held last year in favour of Best Action/Adventure and Best Characterizarion: John

All categories without sponsors are still open and available - nothing is being held in reserve anymore. List of categories and sponsors is HERE.

We're still accepting sponsors untill Dec 22, 2006. (Hint hint frelling hint)

Moving on, the FAQ has undergone massive updates - PLEASE GO READ IT

Finally, the rules are I think in thier final form, me having done (what had better bloody be) the last bit of tweaking to how sponsors and the first round of voting are being handled - please go read that too.

Thanks all, and please please PLEASE let us know how we're doing - questoins, commentaries, ANYTHING - and pimp us to your heart's content.

Writer at Work, Plot Bunny

Aurora Awards - Category List and Sponsors

We need sponsors for almost ALL of these categories - if you think you can help, please don't hesitate to offer!


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Remember also that if you want to sponsor an entirely new category - if there's some form or aspect of fic you feel we've overlooked - you're free to do that too - contact us and we'll set it up.

Orphaned Categories - these will not be included unless they are sponsored.
  • Best Holiday Fic
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Poll Concerning the Future of Two Categories! PLEASE VOTE!

In the past, the Farscape Fanfic awards have included two categories that this year are... problematic.

The categories are Sparky's Second Chances (which if we have it this year we would call The Deja Vu Award) and the Best Overall. Traditionally, the 5 nominations for Sparky's Second Chances are taken from fics that didn't make the first round of voting as chosen by the mods, and the winner of Best Overall is chosen by the mods from the winners of all the other categories.

So why's there a problem all of a sudden? It can be summed up very simply: Jeff and Cass do not write fanfic at all, and Kazbaby and BBB both do. There's a chance, however small, that our fics would be nominated and get into the running for one or both awards.

The question is: do you, the voting public of the Sparkys, feel comfortable with this, and if not, how best should we resolve that?

Poll #853052 Category Evaluation

Should we have the Best Overall Award this year?

Yes, as is
Yes - but Kazbaby and BBB's fics should be disqualified
Yes - but the sponsors should pick it
Yes - but a third party volunteer who doesn't write fic should pick
I don't have an opinion
I have a complicated opinion I will explain in my comment

Should we have an equivalent to the old Sparky's Second Chances Category this year?

Yes, as is
Yes, but Kazbaby and BBB's fics should be disqualified
Yes, but the sponsors should pick the nominees
Yes - but a third party volunteer who doesn't read fic should pick the nominees
I don't have an opinion
I have a complecated opinion I will explain in my comment

Is a question created soley for the purposes of ticky boxes an undermining of the very serious nature of this poll?

What was the question, again?

Your feedback in this matter is very much appreciated.

[EDIT:] The fourth option in question 2 should say 'who doesn't WRITE fic' rather than doesn't read fic. *facepalm*
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