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Another Announcment! An Ampersand Announcement! Ah, Alliteration!

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Dec. 23rd, 2006 | 11:59 pm
mood: busy
posted by: lady_smith in auroraawards

Sorry for the spamming, but with a com like this I thought it best, and anyway, this news is rather important.

We have another New Category! And a New Sponsor! astrogirl2 has stepped up to "adopt" Best Ampersand

Naturally, this means I've added the "What the heck is ampersand?" question to the FAQ, and done a little bit of tweaking to the rules - Ampersand being an entirely new category like Crackfic/Badfic, its nominations are open without time constraints. (I also prettied up the formatting).

Thanks all for letting me blather!

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