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Nov. 27th, 2006 | 02:10 am
posted by: lady_smith in auroraawards


Applications for sponsors will be accepted between November 25th and December 25th, 2006.

Sponsors require an e-mail address people can send nominations to, a website (which can be a forum or LJ account) to post nomination lists to, and a means of tracking and counting the nominations.

Nominations will be accepted between January 4 and February 3, 2007

Nominations for sponsored categories are to be sent to the given e-mail address for the sponsor of that category – all other nominations are to be sent to auroraawards@gmail.com

You have ONE nomination per category/sub-category and ONE only. Authors can nominate their own work, or themselves.

You can nominate the same fic or author for multiple categories, however, as long as they are eligible.

A fanfic is eligible to be nominated if it a) is set in and/or contains characters from the Farscape universe, b) was posted publicly (i.e. NOT in a locked lj-post or password-protected site) between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006 (with certain specific exceptions outlined below), AND c) it conforms to the requirements of whatever category it is nominated for (correct length, correct genre, correct rating, contains character/pairing in question). For example: a hundred-word G-rated drabble in which only Scorpius appears is not eligible for Best Romance: Stark/Zhaan (R-NC17) (Long), just as a 50 000 word epic (graphically) detailing Stark and Zhaan's love-life in which Scorpius is only mentioned twice and never appears isn't eligible for Best Characterization: Scorpius (Short).

For the purposes of wordcounts, all chapters (minus chapter titles) are to be taken into consideration. The wordcount is for the fic as a whole.

In the case of multi-chaptered fanfic posted over long periods of time, it is eligible if the final chapter was publicly posted between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006. Works in progress are not eligible, though a completed fic that is part of an ongoing series is.

Ongoing series of fics are eligible for best series as long as one part was publicly posted between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006

There are three exceptions to the time limit on when fics have been posted: Best Ampersand/Friendship, Best BadFic/Crackfic and The Hidden Memory Award. Any fic which was publicly posted before Jan 1st 2006 and has never won a Farscape Fanfiction Award is eligible for the Hidden Memory Award. Because it is the fist year they are being awarded, any fic ever publicly posted that could be considered a BadFic or CrackFic as defined in the Auroras FAQ is eligible for Best BadFic/Crackfic, and any fic ever publicly posted that has an emphasis on a (non romantic or sexual) loving relationship is eligible for Best Ampersand/Friendship. This is the case each time it is the first year a category is voted upon.

All fics and series must be publicly available online, preferably at a single URL.

An author is eligible for Best Author if they have publicly posted Farscape fanfic between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006.

An author is eligible for Best New Author if they have never publicly posted Farscape fanfic before Jan 1st 2006 and have publicly posted Farscape fanfic between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006.

An author is eligible for Lifetime Achievement if they have publicly posted Farscape fanfic before Jan 1st 2006, have never won one before, and are not members of the Farscape Fanfiction Hall of Fame.

A website is eligible for Best Fanfic Website if it has a section or sections dedicated to the posting of Farscape fanfic, and has had Farscape fanfic posted there between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2006.

No nominations will be accepted for the Déjà Vu Award (formerly Sparky's Second Chances). The sponsors will select one fic per category eliminated in the first round of voting and give them another chance to be voted on in the final round.

The only regularly awarded category that skips nominating and voting altogether is induction into the Farscape Fanfic hall of fame, which occurs when an author has won at least one Farscape Fanfic award (Sparkys AND Auroras) four years in a row.

The mods retain the right to give special achievement awards to individuals and/or fics that for some reason or another aren't covered and/or deserve special attention.

All nominations must include all the required information for the given category. For fics, this includes Title, Author, Wordcount, and Rating, as well as additional information required for some categories such as Pairing or Character. For authors and betas this includes Name, E-mail, Website, and sample Fics Authored/Beta'd.

The nominations will be counted and organized – some categories may be split or combined, based on the number of nominations received.

Voting for the first round will take place February 18-23, 2007 in an automated poll on the Auroras website. Voters will choose the nomination that best exemplifies the category. Only one vote per person per category/sub-category.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is not publicly voted upon – it will be handled by a secret e-mail ballot among members of the Farscape Fanfic Hall of Fame.

The top five from each category will go on to the second round of voting, March 4-9. Voting for this round will be handled by way of another automated poll on the Auroras website.

The first place fic winner in each category will be eligible for Best Overall – which will be voted upon by secret e-mail ballot by the mods and sponsors.

The results will be posted by March 18, 2007. First, Second, and Third place will be awarded in each publicly voted category, with the possibility for an honourable mention for any nominations that come within a close margin of third, and the winners of Best Overall and the Lifetime Achievement Awards will be posted. There will also be inductions into the Farscape Fanfic Hall of Fame and any special awards the mods choose to award.

And then we have a big frelling party for having survived!!!

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The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop...

(no subject)

from: sabaceanbabe
date: Nov. 27th, 2006 05:01 pm (UTC)

Sounds fabulous! You guys are awesome for doing this and let me just give you a big, frelling hug!

*hugs you tight*

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